Through Stanley’s Eyes: Telling Stories of Heart Mountain (JACSC 2021 Education Conference)

Selected date

Friday October 29

Selected time

5:30 PM  –  7:00 PM

How do we tell personal narratives in ways that highlight our community’s broader history and impact? Join for a conversation on innovative ways to share the voices of Heart Mountain, as well as other WWII incarceration sites, in to order to inspire, advocate, and educate. Dakota Russell (Executive Director, Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation), Clement Hanami (Art Director, Japanese American National Museum), and members of the Hayami family will discuss preserving family stories. Then, Sharon Yamato, actor Kurt Kanazawa, and Charlie Park (Emblematic Group) will talk about the process of developing the immersive virtual reality experience of A Life in Pieces: The Diary and Letters of Stanley Hayami.


About the Exhibition:


This program is presented as part of the JACSC 2021 Education Conference, Stronger Together: Voices to Inspire, Advocate, and Educate. To register for the virtual conference, visit this link.